Faeton . Astondoa Group


FAETON has its administrative, commercial and productive headquarters in Almería.
It consists of 857 m2 of office space and has a total area of 13.430 m2 plus various annexed warehouses.
More than 14.000 m2 where the most advanced navigation technology is applied.



FAETON has modern facilities in Gador (Almería), with the latest design technology, modeling, painting, lamination and mounting of exclusive boats. It also has an excellent distribution network and national and international post-sales after-sales service integrated with nautical leaders in each area.

The important human capital formed by the naval engineers, designers, electricians, carpenters, modelers, plumbers…. works in the firm committed to FAETON in the achievement of FAETON's firm commitment: and the excellence of its boats.

The technology applied to automate the productive process is developed in relation with the quality demands of FAETON, and is in constant evolution. The facilities are a reflection of this demand.


· administrative and commercial
· engineering and design
· cutting mounting and upholstery
· finishes
· quality control
· delivery and post sales service


· polishing of stainless steel
· resin distribution
· mounting of electrical panels.
· mounting and supervision of mechanics.
· mounting and supervision of hydraulics.