Faeton . Astondoa Group
Más de 30 años de historia


FAETON, the Greek god who gave his name to a classic horse and carriage, which became a synonym for lightness, elegance and comfort, today is the name of one of the most prestigious nautical brands in Europe.

More than 30 years of experience in the sector, have become one of the principal recreation boat builders in Europe and the biggest in Spain in boats between 23 and 40 feet accumulating a production of more than 3.000 vessels.

Advanced design, experimentation with new materials, application of the latest navigation technologies… These are the ways that it is possible to navigate boats well wherever required, and to go further than the horizon.

Las mejores prestaciones del mercado


The history of FAETON begins in 1980, in Almería, centering its activity in the construction of medium length sport fishing vessels, between 23 and 40 feet.

The benefits of their vessels were very different to those offered by all of the competition and this helped them to quickly reach a level of specialization in these models in a way unlike any other constructors in Spain. The models “Fisher “and “Scape” emerged, grand marine boats for recreational fishing which were completely new to the market.

At the start of the 90s it was the first boat builder in Spain to present a bow-rider with open prow, which remains as popular today as they were then.

Since 1995 FAETON has specialized in the production of shaft propelled vessels, presenting the Faeton 780 Moraga in the Salón de Barcelona, which has been the point of reference in Europe in the fishing-cruising sector with almost 800 units sold since its introduction.

With the collaboration with the prestigious North-American naval architect, David L. Napier, deep-V hull designer for the reputed American Sport-Fishers like Bertram or Cabo, this brought about a revolution in the design of FAETON boats. Since then they have gained the deserved reputation of having the best hulls for navigating adverse sea conditions.

Siempre a la vanguardia del sector


With the passing of the years, FAETON´s extensive experience constructing fishing boats allowed them to demonstrate that they were also able to be successful with sport boats designed for families. In a short time they introduced self-designed vessels dedicated to recreational boating into the market.

In 1997 a plan was initiated that would lead to the company being the best builder of recreational boats in Europe, acquiring a prestigious position as one of the main companies fabricating and distributing this type of boat. In the year 2000 a new 40.000 m2 boatyard was opened in a terrain of more than 100.000 m2.

In 2005 FAETON started a new stage of professionalism, which defined the structure of capital and management and the capacity to invest in improvements to the production and design of new products.

In 2008 the Grupo Astondoa, leading constructor of luxury yachts and large length boats, with its headquarters in Santa Pola (Alicante), acquired the boatyard. FAETON inherited the great technical and constructive experience of the prestigious Grupo.

This also allowed the consolidation of the company as leader in the sector by increasing the number of models, improving comfort and quality and the development of new initiatives such as the Cruiser y and Formentera series.

Currently FAETON is widening its scope of works with every new model. Engineers, naval architects, interior designers…. everybody working in unison to assure that every boat is even closer to perfection.