Faeton . Astondoa Group
Garantía y Calidad


Every FAETON boat passes an individual procedure of quality control and certification. The process consists of following a protocol of tests designed to assure maximum quality in the boats. This traceability protocol (it creates an history for every boat that is registered) is always executed in “water” checking the start-up of motors, circuits of freshwater, saltwater and wastewater, tightness tests of portholes, trapdoors, windscreens, thru-hull fittings etc.
The finishes are also checked i.e.

the state of polyester, carpentry, and upholstery. As a proof of quality FAETON offer a two-year guarantee.

The environment is fundamental in the construction of FAETON boats.
Under these premises FAETON intends to offer the greatest environmental benefits e.g. sustainable navigation and researching the most efficient forms of compensation for CO2 emission, to correctly eliminate the waste generated during boat production.